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Parents' Guide To Pouches

Baby food pouches are a fan favorite, and for good reason. Toddlers love them for the taste, and parents love them for the convenience. On those hectic days when you’re juggling a million tasks and trying tirelessly to wrangle the family from place to place, squeeze pouches are a parent’s best friend. But not all baby food pouches are created equal! Read on to learn what to look out for when it comes to fruit and veggie pouches.

Fruit and Veggie Pouches Are the Perfect Snack

If only there was a snack that provided a solid dose of fruit and veggies, pleased your kid, and could be packed in your purse… enter organic fruit and veggie pouches! 

They’re Quick and Easy

The last thing you want is a temperamental toddler while you’re out and about, but planning ahead isn’t always easy. Life gets in the way, and finding time to prepare balanced “to-go” meals isn’t always possible. Finding quality snacks that provide whole food ingredients and important nutrients can be a challenge, but squeeze pouches fit it all in one convenient container.

They’re Portable

Pouches are portable, resealable, and can be enjoyed at any temperature. In other words, they’re the perfect toddler travel hack. And unlike fresh fruit or jarred food, you don’t have to worry about utensils for eating, fragile glass containers, or messy bruised fruit in your bag.

They’re Full of Nature’s Most Nourishing Foods 

Parenting toddlers will always come with a fair share of compromise, but one thing you should never have to budge on is feeding your child ingredients you can feel good about. Squeeze pouches made from organic fruits and vegetables prevent missed meal times from spiraling into dietary disasters.

The Best Squeeze Fruit Pouches

A little sugar here and there isn’t the end of the world, but babies are better off learning to love less sweet snacks so they develop a natural taste for foods that nourish them. Skip pouches with added sugar and give your tot a “better for you” treat in the form of real fruits. Look for pouches that rely only on the sweetness of real fruit puree, like  Holle’s Organic Pouches.

Organic Veggie Pouches

Our genetic tendency towards sweet flavors makes it extra important to introduce vegetables into the diet early on. Veggie pouches are perfect weaning foods and a sneaky way to get picky eaters used to the flavor of healthy veggies. Begin with sweeter-tasting vegetable varieties like carrots and sweet potato, found in our  Veggie Bunny flavor.

How Many Baby Food Pouches Per Day?

Remember, pouches aren’t meant to be your child’s only source of fruits and veggies. Think of them as a convenient addition to your lineup of nutritious options! 

Fruit and veggie pouches are great for an on-the-go solution and as an option to help get your child used to new flavors, but make sure you still continue to feed your baby a variety of whole fruits and veggies! 

If your picky eater loves pouches but still has a hard time with whole fruits and veggies, try mixing the pouches in with cooked foods for a flavor and texture boost.

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