Holle Baby Food Pouches - Blue Bird - Organic Fruit & Grain Puree | 6 months+

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Pear, Apple, Oat, Blueberry

Contains six individual pouches

🌞 Tasty organic fruit and vegetable puree.
🌞 The ideal snack between meals or on the go.   
🌞 Made in the pristine Dolomites mountain region of Italy.
🌞 Best quality Organic, Non-GMO, Demeter, biodynamically farmed ingredients.
🌞 Six varieties to choose from for babies 6 months+

No Added Salt or Sugar

  • 🍐 Organic Pear 50%
  • 🍎 Organic Apple 37.5%
  • 🌾Organic Oat 2.5%
  • 🍇Organic Blueberry 10%

Finely puréed fruit and grains without any additives - grown in Italy

  • Use a spoon to feed the purée to younger children.
  • Easy to use resealable pouch.
  • Keep the screw cap out of reach of children.
  • Can be stored in the fridge for 2 days after opening.

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