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Growing up with the best that nature has to offer.

Founded in Switzerland in 1934, Holle has become one of the leading manufacturers of natural baby food, globally.All of our products are European-made to provide babies the best start in life. We bear a special responsibility for the environment, children, and their future. Globally, we strive to use Organic and Demeter-Certified ingredients when possible.*

Ever since Holle was founded, we have consciously focused our attention on mankind and the environment – because we want our products to set the example for what it means to be “sustainable”.

Today, we have a comprehensive baby and toddler food range with more than 80 products, globally. We do not use chemical processing materials or artificial preservatives, flavoring, coloring agents, added salt or refined sugar.

Our long-term partnerships with our ingredient suppliers are very important to us. They are the basis for the particularly high quality of our baby food.

Holle baby food products are gently processed; they represent a wholesome, natural and balanced diet, from the very beginning.

*While our products may consistently be defined as Organic and Demeter-Certified in Europe, due to differences in regulations in the US, something that is “organic” in the EU may not be organic in the US and therefore, not qualify for the US Demeter Certification.

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