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Holle Baby Food Pouches - Organic Fruit Puree - Banana Llama

Banana, Apple, Mango, Apricot

Organic Banana Llama Puree is a delicious snack option for babies on the go. Made with a blend of organic ingredients including banana, apple, mango and apricot, Banana Llama is free from any added salt or refined sugar, making it a perfect snack option for your little one.

Each bundle of Holle Baby Food Pouches contains 12 individual pouches, with an easy-to-open resealable cap, ensuring that the puree stays fresh and tasty. Banana Llama Puree is perfect as a snack between meals or on the go. Perfect for weaning babies 6 months and up.

Contains 12 individual 3.5oz pouches

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    no sugar added, non-gmo, USDA organic, biodynamic, regenerative farming, sustainable, BPA-free, made in Europe

    Product Info

    Features & Benefits

    USDA Organic, Non-GMO, Demeter-certified Biodynamic, and from regenerative farming

    No added salt or refined sugar

    Resealable pouch for easy on-the-go snacking

    Finely pureed for easy digestion


    🍌 Organic Banana 

    🍎 Organic Apple

    🥭 Organic Mango 

    🍑 Organic Apricot 

    🍋 Organic Lemon Juice Concentrate (0.1%)


    1. To feed younger children, use a spoon to serve the puree. Keep the screw cap out of reach of children. 
    2. Can be resealed and stored in the fridge for 2 days after opening.




    Contains 12 individual 3.5oz pouches

    Produced in Italy

    Shelf life: 14 months

    For babies 6 months and up

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