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Frequently Asked Questions

Holle Products

The infant formula is not sold in the US market. It was produced for the European market and may not be compliant with FDA requirements. At this time, we carry our toddler milk drinks at Wholefoods Market. We are not affiliated with any 3rd party companies. JSG Organics is the official distributor of Holle products in the US.

Pouches and all toddler drink packaging (including the spoon) are BPA free.

Each product has to go through a process to be certified. We have started with cereal, and have more on the horizon!

Our Holle organic whole grain cereals have received the purity award from the Clean Label Project.

To receive this badge, Clean Label Project tests for 400+ contaminants including heavy metals, pesticide residues, glyphosate, and plasticizers. Products that have the Purity Award badge indicate they are among the top ⅓ purest tested products in the category. To learn more about what it means to be Clean Label Certified, read more here.

Toddler Drinks


This is about the water quality and solubility in the household - therefore the water should be boiled.

The water temperature for dissolving the powder should be 50°C (with the Holle stage 1 goat milk already 40°C could be sufficient) so that all nutrients can be used.

No, it is from maize and potato.

According to European Demeter standards:

·        Animal welfare in accordance with its nature and Feeding.

·        Grazing

·        Grass feeding is a priority.

·        Avoiding animal hormones and growth regulators.

·        Cows keep their horns.

·        Priority is given to natural remedies.

·        Minimum 80% of the feed comes from the farm's own Production.

The focus is particularly on the life performance, fitness and health of the animals. In order to ensure that animals develop in accordance with their nature, Demeter therefore consistently avoids, for example, the painful dehorning of cows. The administration of medicines such as antibiotics or hormones is strictly forbidden. In addition, the animals are kept in small herds in order to ensure healthy ranking and social behavior. Care is taken to ensure that the animals can move freely and uninhibitedly - both in their stalls and in the fresh air. As a result, each barn and enclosure are carefully adapted to the individual needs of the different animal species. At the same time Demeter adheres to strict feed standards: 100% of the feed must be organic feed - 2/3 of the feed used must meet the Demeter standards. For Demeter animals on the farm are part of the natural farm organism. Through their manure, which becomes a valuable fertilizer using preparations made from herbs, minerals and cow dung, they provide an improvement in soil fertility.

The most common feeds are hay, green fodder, maize silage, lucerne silage, crushed cereals, grass from grazing, sugar beet pulp, milk performance feed - peeled, mineral feed.

The US Goat Milk Toddler Drink refers to the same formulation as the EU Goat 3, except that ARA has been added to the US version.

Holle infant and toddler formula are not certified Halal.

In the USA, it is regulated by law that if you add sugar, you have to declare it as "added sugar."

This does not only mean standard sugar (we never use sucrose), but also lactose. This is on the one hand a classic energy supplier (also contained in breast milk) and on the other hand it is also necessary for the taste. Milk with only maltodextrin or starch would probably be rejected by the babies/children. Therefore, we use small amounts of lactose for the USA recipes.

Fat-soluble vitamins cannot be absorbed without a small addition of fat. Some fatty acids are also very important to development (and also required by law).

Our oils are all organic and therefore cannot contain any pesticides. This is checked regularly and there have never been any anomalies.

Cow / A2 Cow: 

Whey: 43,2%        

Casein: 56,8%


Whey: 20%          

Casein: 80%

Our US products are produced with the same standards as our European products that carry the EU organic and Demeter label. Unfortunately, the equivalence agreement between Europe and the USA (NOP) does not include animal (incl. dairy) products. This is why we currently can’t use organic/Demeter certificates in the USA.


We do not have an official vegan certification but halal certification for the pouches, there are no animal-based ingredients used so it can be considered vegan.

At the moment our packaging is state of the art there is no recyclable option available, but the cap of the pouches is recyclable.

It is comparable to « best before » / best quality is guaranteed to this date from USA.

Holle Organic Wholegrain Cereals

Pure oats can usually be consumed by many people with gluten intolerance. However, contamination of oats with wheat, rye or barley can often occur during harvesting, transportation, storage and processing, so this product is defined as containing gluten. According to the EU Food Information Regulation, oats are classified as a "gluten-containing cereal unless the content of gluten does not exceed 20 mg/kg." This cannot be guaranteed for our Holle organic oats.

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