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Where to Buy A2 Milk

Milk has been a staple beverage for babies and parents alike for centuries, thanks to its nourishing properties. In more recent years, new varieties of milk have gained in popularity. Nowadays, it’s common to see a wide range of options on the shelf, ranging from goat milks to nut milks. 

One of the most popular alternatives to regular cow milk is A2 milk, thanks to its  unique benefits

A2 milk is here to stay, with sales of A2 milk in Americaprojected to grow by 18.6% between 2022 and 2027. While it’s still not as common as regular A1 milk, A2 milk’s positive reputation and growing consumer demand have made it much easier to get a hold of.


Difference Between A1 and A2 Milk

We’ve written before about the rising popularity of  A2 milk and everything you need to knowabout how it differs from A1, but the primary difference to note is that A2 milk comes from a specific kind of cow that only has the A2 beta-casein variant of protein. As a result, the protein in A2 milk is easier for the body to digest. 


Where Does A2 Milk Come From?

A2 milk can come from any farm with cows that have the natural A2 genetic variation. A2 cows naturally produce only the A2 protein and are DNA tested at birth to make sure no A1 proteins are present.

Holle’s A2 milk comes from cows with ancient Middle Eastern and Indian genetics that are raised on lush pastures. Our spacious farms are located in Europe and offer our A2 cattle a caring and healthy environment in which to grow.


Where to Buy A2 Milk in the USA

Thanks to its recognized benefits and increasing popularity, it’s become easier to find A2 milk in common grocery stores throughout the U.S. Big box stores like Costco, Target, and Safeway have started stocking A2 as an alternative to regular cow milk, and specialty health stores like Whole Foods and Sprouts also carry A2 options for all ages.

You can also order A2 milk from trusted online retailers. Holle’sA2 Cow Milk Toddler Drink is a great option for children who struggle to digest regular cow milk beverages. Not only is Holle’s A2 milk easy on the tummy, but it contains important added ingredients like vegetable oils to provide essential fatty acids, plus non-GMO starch to help make the mixture creamy and filling. 


What to Look For When Buying A2 Milk

All the new options can sometimes make it difficult to decode what’s actually in the milk product you’re buying. The modern milk carton can be full of claims, including grass-fed, organic, antibiotic-free, non-dairy, and the list goes on.
Look for A2 on the label and do additional research on the brand you’re buying to learn more about the quality, or stick with a brand you trust. 
All of Holle’s milk products, including our A2 option, are sourced sustainably from the highest quality cows and made with only non-GMO ingredients.

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