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All About Toddler Drinks

Toddlers are notoriously picky eaters, which can make the transition from baby food to a family diet all the more difficult. It can be a struggle to introduce new ingredients into a child’s meals and even more of a struggle to make sure that those meals are meeting all their nutritional needs. 
Sometimes, being a parent might mean forcing your kid to eat foreign vegetables because you know it’s good for them, but for those moments when you want to meet them in the middle, toddler drinks offer a kid-approved alternative.

What are toddler drinks?

Toddler drinks are commercial beverages designed to taste delicious while packing a powerful load of nutrients and calories into a small serving size. They’re sometimes found in fun flavors to make their taste more appealing to kids and are fortified with vitamins, minerals, and essential fatty acids to support healthy growth. 

When to use Toddler Drinks

Toddler drinks are formulated for kids ages one and up, but what exactly is the purpose of these drinks? Where do they fit in? Are they meal replacements? Are they supplements? Are they just a fun and tasty snack for picky eaters? 

Toddler drinks are handy because they’re convenient, of course, but they also offer a solution to parents who may be worried about whether their child has any gaps in their diet. It’s common for a child to end up missing out on valuable nutrients if they’re a picky eater. And while these drinks are not meant to be used as one to one meal replacements, they can provide parents some peace of mind.

There are countless reasons why kids might refuse to eat, and as a parent, it’s always nice to know you have a backup plan for those particularly picky phases. Having a nutritious drink to offer toddlers in times of need is a sneaky way to get little ones to consume more vitamins and minerals than they might get from food alone. 

Toddler drinks can also provide a ton of benefit to kids who struggle with the transition to solid foods. The liquid format provides some familiarity and comfort to help ease the adjustment to a “big kid” diet.

Types of Toddler Drinks

Many toddler drinks closely resemble the milk your child is used to consuming, but with a few added ingredients for an extra dose of nutrients. Holle offers a range of drinks, with options derived fromgoat milk,A2 milk, and regularcow milk. 

Consider your child’s eating habits, preferences, and nutritional needs when choosing a toddler drink for your family.

Ingredients to Look For

The quality of ingredients in toddler drinks varies widely, so it’s important to pay close attention to sourcing and keep an eye out for unnecessary additives. Be weary of refined sugar, corn syrups, or harsh chemicals from crops grown unsustainably.

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