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Always Organic

Always Organic

For more than 85 years, Holle has met the highest demands in organic quality. Holle follows a holistic approach, with a goal for the well-being of mankind and nature alike.

Holle guarantees the highest possible safety measures. Holle achieves extraordinarily high quality through consistent and careful organic and biodynamic cultivation of raw materials. Holle products use only the finest ingredients: grains grown on Demeter-certified biodynamic farms in Germany, rice from Italy, millet grain from Hungary, milk from organic farms in southern Germany, and organic fruit, vegetables, and meat from biodynamic or organic agriculture. This focus on the foundations ensures the best quality, taste, and nutrition to properly nurture your growing family. Beyond premium ingredients, Holle's modern production lines in Switzerland, Germany, Italy, and Austria perform seamless control examinations based on the latest scientific research and ISO-certified technology to guarantee quality at every step.

*EU Organic Standard

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