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Sustainability (old version)

Our Sustainable Journey


Becoming More and More Climate Friendly with Each Step

Since 1934, we have produced most of our products through European Demeter-Certified biodynamic farming- the most climate-friendly form of farming*.

What We Do and Why

Our customers are the littlest ones amongst us. That is why we believe that we have a very special responsibility: We shape their future. Protecting the climate is our most important job in this respect. By choosing high-quality, European-biodynamic and organic raw materials*, we make a valuable contribution towards protecting the climate. And we’ve been doing so since 1934.

Demeter-Certified Biodynamic Farming: A key factor in the fight against climate change

Holle is a pioneer in the European Demeter-certified biodynamic production of baby food.As the first Demeter manufacturer of baby foods, Holle has always been closely linked to biodynamic agriculture. Approximately 80% of our products globally carry the Demeter seal, the highest standard internationally for holistic, ecological, and ethical farming practices.
For more than 100 years, Demeter farming has been practicing the same thing that is now being celebrated as a sustainable trend: Biodynamic farming in closed cycles in which one stage logically links to the others.

Holle products that bear the Demeter seal are cultivated in accordance with biodynamic guidelines and produced in harmony with nature. Through the absence of herbicides, chemicals, and synthetic pesticides, an average of 33% more species can be found on biodynamic farms than on conventionally cultivated land.In a biodynamic farming system, the soil contains biomass, which promotes humus formation. A thick humus layer in turn keeps the soil healthier by increasing its ability to retain nutrients and water. Most importantly, this soil is able to bind greenhouse gasses over the long term – which is an important factor in climate protection.

Demeter farmers focus on the holistic quality of their products by raising their animals in a uniquely humane and caring environment. This includes not removing their horns - a painful procedure for the animal. Horns are involved in a cow's and/or goat's digestive process, and retaining them impacts on the composition of the milk, including keeping high levels of vitamin E, beta carotene, and valuable omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids. By keeping their horns intact, Demeter-raised animals produce wholesome and tasty milk - the ideal base for Holle milk and formulas.


When possible, Holle uses only European-biodynamically grown food*. Additionally:

  • We have a close working relationship with our EU Demeter-certified farmers to guarantee a long-term supply of high-quality raw ingredients
  • We ensure our raw ingredients processed and cooked through an ongoing quality control system
  • Our products are guaranteed to be free from genetically modified ingredients
  • We never use artificial favors, colors, preservatives, or refined sugar

To learn more about the Demeter US Standards certification, please visit:https://www.demeter-usa.org/
To learn more about the Demeter International Certification, please visit:https://demeter.net/


*While our products may frequently be defined as Organic and Demeter-Certified in Europe, due to differences in regulations in the US, something that is “organic” in the EU may not be organic in the US and therefore, not qualify for the US Demeter Certification.

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