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Toddler Breakfast Ideas

With a million things on your mind in the morning, it makes sense that breakfast sometimes takes a backseat. But the benefits of breakfast are clear––kids who start their mornings with a meal are more active, more focused, and even score higher on standardized tests! 

There are ways to make breakfast the best meal of the day, even if you’re lacking the spare time to spend getting creative in the kitchen. With a few helpfultips and a handful of tot-friendly recipe ideas to pull from, breakfast can stop feeling like a hasty hassle and become a family ritual everyone looks forward to. 

Toddler breakfast ideas

Instead of the same makeshift meals day after day, break up your breakfast routine with these fresh and fun ideas that provide the balance of nutrients needed to give kids a great start to their day.. 

Whether you’re rushing to get out the door on a work day or relaxing in the weekend rhythm, the list below includes options for you. And the best part? They’re totally toddler-approved.

Plain greek yogurt and fruit 

Skip the sweetened yogurt varieties to avoid added sugar and opt for plain or unsweetened vanilla flavored greek yogurt instead. The yogurt packs a protein punch while fresh fruit adds a boost of vitamins and minerals.

Make-ahead egg muffin cups

For those mornings when you’re short on time, having  egg muffins waiting in the fridge to grab and go is a lifesaver. Stir chopped veggies and greens into the mix for extra nutrients.


Smoothies are a crowd favorite! They taste like a treat but are great for growing kids. You can keep it simple by blending just fruit and yogurt with water, or sneak in some veggies by tossing in a handful of greens. 


The trick to teaching toddlers to love this old favorite is to have fun with the toppings. Start with a base, like one of  Holle’s organic hot cereals, and try stirring in different varieties of fruits, nuts, and seeds. 

Toddler Pouches

Organic fruit and veggie pouches like  Holle’s Apple, Banana, Beet Puree are a hit even among the pickiest toddlers. Plus it’s a portable option you can stash in your bag for a  breakfast on-the-go!


The ultimate comfort food and weekend classic just got an upgrade. Try these   gluten-free banana spinach pancakes that taste so yummy your kids won’t even realize they’re eating greens. Pro tip: freeze extra and save them for later!

Eggs on toast

The great thing about eggs is that there are so many ways to prepare them. Go scrambled some days, sunny side up others, or try poaching if you feel like flaunting your chef skills. 

Peanut butter banana toast

The options for toast combinations are endless, but peanut butter and banana is a popular go-to for a reason. Spread creamy peanut butter on whole grain toast for a five minute breakfast that’s inexpensive, easy to prepare, and kids can’t get enough of.

Homemade breakfast bars

Most store-bought bars are full of processed ingredients, but that doesn’t mean you have to give up this grab and go option. Try batch baking   homemade barsto be prepared for those busy mornings when there’s just no time to sit down for a meal. Pair with one of our.  toddler drinks and your tot will feel like they’re eating a meal of milk and cookies!

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